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Viale Venezia 39/A, 33072 Casarsa della Delizia Pordenone

Equipe Srl was founded in 1990, collecting  various requests from abroad and thanks to interpretative and proactive capacity, it rapidly evolved in the decade up to 2000.
Prevalent is the expansion in the furnishing sector succeeding in satisfying both private and public premises such as hotels and restaurants.
At the same time the company carries on the commercialization of equipment for professional catering developing important distribution channels to foreign countries as Croatia, Ukraine, and USA.
Currently our company is able to follow step by step both the private and the public in the various stages of development of the works such as design, quotations, supply and installation.
The knowledge and research of materials and equipment together with the competence of our operators translate our work into small and large projects aimed at the full satisfaction of our customers.